Suffered with knee pain for several weeks and decided to start therapy again. Instant relief and continued improvement. Excellent recovery and another successful experience with NCPT! Both knees are markedly improved and have avoided surgery so far. Excellent service providers with a true caring/family attitude. Thanks for your care and rehab in getting me back to full speed again. Andy, Brett, and Tina are wonderful care providers and truly care about their patients. Several family members have been here and have had the same positive viewpoint. Thanks!
Recommend? Yes

Gary Sasse

I feel much better. The treatment improved my quality of life. Good results and friendly people.
Recommend? Yes

Melvin Kreifels

I have had a marked improvement in my motion and strength from the beginning to the end. I have less to no pain while I do my daily function and no to little pain at rest. The through the ability of my therapist to keep me on track helped improve my ability. All very nice, clean facility, and helpful. Tyler is very good at his job.
Recommend? Yes

John Hintz

My knee hurt a lot and it was hard to walk and do stairs correctly. Now most days there is little or no pain. It has improved tremendously. I can stand at work and not hurt like it was. I can walk normal and go up and down stairs much better. The care and concern given, always asking how I was feeling and very dedicated to making me feel better. I enjoyed coming in for each appointment, and the friendliness of all the staff. They were always interested in me as a person. I will miss everyone here. It was very much a joy to come for treatment.
Recommend? Yes

Lorie Lambrecht

The competent staff was always friendly and helpful. My back muscle feels much better. The exercise has helped on several issues. It made bending and twisting easier.
Recommend? Yes

Gale Schultz

Andy was awesome. In addition to his technical knowledge, he educated me about the nuances of my issue with sciatica and knee weakness. Great atmosphere, a happy, positive place. Before therapy I was stiff and cranky. Now I’m much more limber and not scared to push myself. I was previously afraid to push too hard. It’s been a big change in quality of life and overall function. I’m walking comfortably and now doing stairs. Thanks everybody!
PS – The rest of the staff were outstanding too!!
Recommend? Yes

Susan Rabick

I was in quite a lot of pain when I first started Physical Therapy. I am definitely much better, which I am very thankful for. I can sleep now without ice packs on my right arm and shoulder. I’m able to now function while caring for my husband and taking care of our household. My therapist, Tyler, was very efficient and helpful in every way. I am very pleased with the treatment I received and would highly recommend Nebraska City Physical Therapy to others.
Recommend? Yes

Helen Attebery

My experience here was excellent. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. Welcoming atmosphere and great treatment My ankle has improved a lot. Thanks Guys!
Recommend? Yes

Jon Griebe


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